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About Travel Explorator

The Mission

Our mission at Travel Explorator is to provide helpful travel guides, gear recommendations and travel insights to help others with their travel plans for Wisconsin, Hawaii, and the United States Virgin Islands. Whether it’s for solo-travelers, families or you’re typical vacationer, we hope to be one of the top resources when it comes to deciding where you vacation next. Our articles are aimed at helping people find things to do in specific cities, states and countries but also learn how to prepare for them.

Who We Are

We are adventurers and travel enthusiasts. We first established the website in 2020, and are using it to keep track of our travels but also help others with their own. We plan to cover everything from tips on saving money when traveling, to figuring out things to do in certain places.  

Martin Soto

martin in brewers bay

Martin Soto is the founder of Travel Explorator. He has always been eager to travel since he was young but never got the chance due to life circumstances. After graduating college, he took a solo trip to the U.S Virgin Islands and has been obsessed with traveling since then. He’s traveled to different states all across the United States. Martin has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and with a background in software engineering, he uses it to analyze travel-related data. He currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Kami Soto

Kami Soto

Kami Soto enjoys traveling and observing wildlife in its natural environment. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Conservation and Environmental Science. When she’s not at work or traveling, she enjoys volunteering outdoors — collecting and analyzing data about animals and plants. Her goal is to travel the world and visit unique places where she can learn more about animals in their natural habitat. She’s originally from Rockford, Illinois, and currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Press Inquiries

If you’re a journalist, reporter or writer and looking for travel insights from us, please send us an email with our contact form. We tend to respond quickly within 24 hours, and if you’re on a tight deadline we’ll be sure to respond sooner.

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