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The Best And Worst Times To Visit The U.S Virgin Islands

No matter what months you decide to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands, you can expect warm weather. However, if you want to avoid the rain, you can visit them during their dry season. The best time to visit the U.S Virgin Islands is the months of December all through May, as that’s considered the dry season.

On the other hand, the worst times to visit the U.S Virgin Islands are June through November since that’s the rainy season and also the start of hurricane season. The rain can end up ruining some of your plans, as it did with mine when we had to stop ziplining in the middle of the course due to a storm with a chance of thunder.

Overall, the weather for St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John tends to be the same since they’re so close in proximity.

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Best Time: The Dry Season (December – May)

Most people decide to visit the U.S Virgin Islands during the dry season, as you’re guaranteed warm sunny weather, and the threat of hurricanes is minimal during this time.

The vast majority of tourism on the island occurs during these months, and it peaks at its highest in March due to spring break. There is very little rain during this time, with the average being only 1-2 inches per month. 

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Between December and May, you get temperatures that average between 85-86 degrees Fahrenheit, which tend to be lower than the temperatures during the rainy seasons. Regardless, swimming in the water is always comfortable during any month.

You luckily do get some winds during this time, which keep you feeling cool at times. At night the weather cools down a bit, lowering down to an average of 71-78 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. The beaches also have calm and tranquil water during this time, making them pleasant to swim in. 

Worst Time: The Rainy Season / Hurricane Season (June – November)

The hurricane season in the U.S Virgin Islands starts in the month of June and ends in November. Hurricanes are a real threat in the islands, making these months an unpopular time to visit.

That doesn’t mean you need to cancel your plans if you have arrangements for visiting during these months, but you just need to be aware of what the weather will be like during this time. You can find a general overview of the current weather forecast here

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According to the National Weather Service, you get average temperatures between June and November that range between 86-89 degrees Fahrenheit but sometimes reach as high as the ’90s. At night it lowers down a bit to an average of 75-78 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are reasons to visit the USVI outside of the dry season, specifically regarding prices and crowds. Since the vast majority of tourists tend to visit during the dry season, prices for items on the islands increase, and crowds gather up in many places.

You can avoid those two things by visiting after the dry season is over. If you visit during the rainy season, you’re almost guaranteed to pay a lot less than you usually would, but you just need to watch out for the threat of hurricanes.

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