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11 Best St. Croix Beaches You Need To See (2024)

The beaches in St. Croix closely match its two other neighboring islands and compete with the other beaches in the Virgin Islands for their beauty and watersport activities available.

Some of these white sand beaches offer crystal clear water, excellent snorkeling spots, and opportunities to see some amazing marine wildlife like sea turtles, stingrays, and tropical fish. Almost every beach on the island is completely open to the public, so you don’t have to worry about paying entrance fees. 

Here is a complete list of some of the best beaches in St. Croix, USVI. If you plan on visiting Saint Croix anytime soon, you’ll certainly want to check out some of these options. 

1. Cane Bay Beach

cane bay beach

Cane Bay Beach is located on the north side of the island. It’s a bit more crowded, but that’s due to its convenient location in terms of food choices, nearby beach bars, pet-friendliness, and crystal clear waters. 

It’s the go-to spot for scuba divers due to the famous landmark known as Cane Bay Wall. It’s basically a sea drop that reaches almost 13200 feet. The beach is also a great place for swimmers and snorkelers alike. You can rent snorkel and kayak gear from some of the local shops, as well as chair rentals and beach umbrellas. If you’re looking to go horseback riding on the beach, Equus Riding Tours offers trips on horseback across beautiful spots along the beach.

The Landing Beach Bar is a fantastic option for delicious fruit cocktails and lunch. Spratnet Beach Bar also offers some awesome local food options and drinks. Cane Bay Beach is a local favorite and a must-see for USVI vacationers. Compared to other places like Hawaii or Florida, St. Croix and the other two USVI’s are more affordable beach vacation spots.

2. Turtle Beach

turtle beach

Turtle Beach is located on Buck’s island, which is to the northeast of St. Croix. When you think about tropical blue water white sand beaches, Turtle Beach is an accurate representation of that. It’s only accessible by boat, so you’ll have to take a boat or kayak to Buck Island to access it.

The water doesn’t have strong currents, making it a great choice for swimmers. Since it’s not as crowded as other popular beaches in St. Croix, it’s great for snorkeling and scuba diving since the sea life is undisturbed by tourists. Similar to St. John, there are sea turtles and other exotic Caribbean fish that roam the waters, making it one of the best beaches in all of the U.S Virgin Islands.  

Unlike the other options, you won’t find any restaurants or beach bars since it’s more secluded, so just don’t forget to bring your own food. However, its distant location also makes it a great area to relax and enjoy a more private setting. There is a good reason it made our list on the most clear water beaches in the United States.

Once you’re done swimming in the water, go on a hike on the numerous trails at Buck Island to dry off. The hiking trails provide some beautiful scenery of the rainforest with plenty of trees and diverse plant life.

3. Sandy Point Beach

sandy point beach

Sandy Point Beach is located within the Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge. It’s a protected area since it’s one of the most significant nesting grounds for leatherback and hawksbill sea turtles in the U.S Virgin Islands and all of the United States.

It offers a wide stretch of soft sand with very little vegetation, and if you walk along the path, you can find lots of shells. There are barely any trees, so chances of finding shade are slim to none. Since it’s a turtle nesting area, don’t try to dig your beach umbrella into the ground. 

As a warning, the beach does close between the months of April and September since that’s when turtle nesting season happens. When it’s open, it’s the perfect area for snorkeling, as there is a diverse amount of life. Access the beach by walking the gravel path from the parking lot. 

4. Jack’s Bay and Isaacs Bay Beach

jack and isaacs bay beach

You can find Jack’s Bay and Isaac’s Bay Beach on the east end of Saint Croix. It requires a little hiking (10-15 minutes) to get to the area, which means it’s less crowded than most beaches in the US Virgin Islands. 

You can expect a beach with soft sand and waters filled with tropical fish and turtles. It’s the perfect place for snorkeling, and you can catch a glimpse of quite a lot of marine life and coral. If you came to experience a tropical vacation, this is the right place.

The water and current can be a bit strong on certain days, but it’s still an overall decent place to swim and snorkel. Since it’s more distant from tourist areas, you won’t find any amenities at this secluded beach, so remember to bring enough water for the hike. While the walk going towards the place might not be too difficult, the hike is a bit harder when you’re coming back uphill and tired from swimming.

5. Frederiksted Fort Beach


Fort Frederiksted Beach is located on the west end of Saint Croix, right near the cruise ship dock. It’s a small beach with aqua blue water and soft sand. There are also quite a few large trees that provide excellent cover from the sun.

Amenities include public restrooms, picnic tables, and a nearby parking lot. With its convenient location in downtown Frederiksted, you can find plenty of restaurants to grab lunch or dinner after. Since it is located near the cruise ship port, it can get a bit crowded when a ship is in town. 

It’s an excellent place for snorkeling as there is a lot of sea life in the water.  You may even be able to see quite a lot of fish by simply swimming in the water. There are some rocky areas and sea urchins, so just be careful about where you’re stepping when walking on the ocean floor. 

6. Protestant Cay Beach 

protestant cay beach

Protestant Cay Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Christiansted. If you’re staying at a hotel in Christiansted, it’s the beach closest to you, which is quite easy to access. It’s technically on a small island that you can reach by a short ferry ride from Fort Christiansvaern that lasts just a couple of minutes.

There are restaurants and bars on the small Caribbean island where you can get drinks and food. Visitors can rent beach chairs to relax on the beach and take in some sun rays. After you’re done swimming, you can change in the bathrooms. 

It’s a fantastic area for snorkeling since you can watch sea turtles, rays, all sorts of tropical fish, and much more. The turquoise water is smooth, so there aren’t a lot of strong currents or large waves, making it an excellent choice for inexperienced swimmers and children. As an added benefit, palm trees provide shade in certain areas.

7. Rainbow Beach

Rainbow beach is located in Frederiksted, near the west end of St. Croix. The clear waters are quite calm and shallow, making it a great destination if you’re bringing children along. 

You can find plenty of marine life if you’re snorkeling, but it’s not the best for scuba diving due to shallow water. There is a popular restaurant called Rythms on the premises that provide visitors with delicious dining options like shrimp and fish tacos, plus live music. You can also rent a jet ski to explore the outer Caribbean sea. There are also bathroom facilities where you can change clothes after you finish swimming at the beach.

Overall, it’s the perfect beach if you’re looking to enjoy a beautiful ocean view while sipping on drinks and soaking in the sun. If you’re on a cruise ship, the beach is just around one mile away from Frederiksted Pier, so it’s a great choice to visit if you’re looking to find a nearby beach.

Its convenient location also places it close to some of the most beautiful resorts on the island.

8. Shoys Beach

shoys beach

Shoys Beach is located close to Christiansted, on the east end of the island. Some parts of the beach feature soft white sand, while others have an abundance of rocks, so make sure to wear slippers or water shoes. If you’re staying at the Buccaneer Hotel, Shoy’s Beach is the closest beach to you. 

There is a reef you can explore for snorkeling, but the wildlife is average at best. Although on a good day, you can find schools of fish, eels, and lobster if you’re lucky. Water is often calm, but there might be minor waves at times. 

There aren’t any amenities or facilities in the area, but you can find shade under the trees. It’s very lowkey, and there aren’t a lot of guests, giving it a quiet atmosphere. The pristine beach is well-known for the tunnel of mangrove trees that lead to the beach, so that’s something to look forward to. 

9. Ha’Penny Beach

Ha’Penny Beach is found on the south end of Saint Croix. It’s a local favorite and often has crowds, especially during the busy season. This beautiful white sand beach has a mile of shoreline that you can walk on. It provides quite a romantic atmosphere after sunset.

The water can get choppy at times, but it’s also not too shallow, making it a good choice for swimming. If you’re planning to snorkel, consider the eastern side of the beach but don’t expect too much. If you’re looking for privacy, it’s a decent option.  

There aren’t any amenities or facilities on this St. Croix beach, so bring your own refreshments and snacks. Hummingbird Beach Hideaway is one of the few places near the beach if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in St. Croix. 

10. Coakley Bay Beach

If you’re looking for something less crowded, Coakley Bay Beach is a suitable choice. As a side note, most of the beaches in St. Croix might be less crowded than St Thomas, since this island gets less tourists on average. It’s located near the east end and has calm waters, making it a decent choice for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding. There is a lot of seagrass along the shores and in the water, but the water is crystal clear.

You can snorkel, but you may not find too much sea life around this area. Bring a chair and watch the beautiful sight of Buck Island straight across. There is very little to no nearby development, so this quiet beach is quite undisturbed. 

Overall, it’s not the most scenic beach, but it offers a calm and relaxing environment. To get to it, you need to traverse across a dirt road that might have a few holes, so be wary if you’re driving by car.

11. La Grange Beach

la grange beach

La Grange Beach sits between Rainbow Beach and Frederiksted Pier on the west end. Cruise ship passengers can easily get here since it’s within a short distance from the cruise port.

You can rent beach chairs and visit a nearby bar that serves food and drinks for visitors. It’s popular but not as crowded as other places, and it has relatively tranquil waters. It’s not the most famous or exciting beach, but it does offer a soothing atmosphere with soft sand, blue water, and amazing views of the Caribbean sea. 

With a convenient location in Frederiksted, it’s more than likely within close proximity of where you’re staying, and there are a variety of local shops nearby. 

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