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15 Best Wisconsin Dells Attractions

Wisconsin Dells is a resort city located in Southern Wisconsin, famous for its indoor and outdoor waterparks, theme parks, towering sandstone cliffs, and other natural attractions. The city is also one of the most-visited locations in Wisconsin, with lots of activities for tourists throughout the year.

As a child, our family always visited this beautiful city since it’s such a family-friendly destination due to its outdoor and indoor waterparks.

It is after all known as the waterpark capital of the world. There are plenty of things to do here for adults and kids alike. No matter your preferences or who you’re with, the Dells is a perfect place to relax and have fun during the holidays.

It offers some of the most unique and top attractions and activities in the state. Here is a complete list of the best attractions in Wisconsin Dells you will want to see next time you visit the waterpark capital of the world.

Wisconsin Dells attractions

Top Wisconsin Dells Attractions

1. The Wilderness Resort

The Wilderness Resort houses indoor and outdoor pools with an extensive collection of slides, boat tours, swimming pools, and geysers. It’s among the largest water parks in the Dells and welcomes thousands of tourists each year. We’ve stayed a couple of times here with family and friends and have nothing but good things to say about it.

At the Wilderness Resort, there’s an activity for everyone in the family. If you’re looking for water sports, you can check out the water basketball and volleyball courts. Want some thrill and adrenaline? Then visit the drop slides for a breathtaking experience.

The Wilderness Resort offers many opportunities for relaxation as well. You can find an indoor/outdoor tub to loosen up while you enjoy stunning views of the nearby lake and a lazy river in more than one of its many waterparks.

Don’t forget to check out the resort’s biggest attraction which is its indoor waterpark: a 13,000-ft wave indoor pool that can hold an insane amount of swimmers. If you’re looking for an outdoor theme park, Mt Olympus and the Kalahari Resort are considered some of the best.

The Wilderness Resort is just one of the many hotels found throughout the city, so there are plenty of other places to book luxe accommodations in the Wisconsin Dells region. It’s one of our favorite places to stay in apart from the Chula Vista Resort whenever we visit the Dells.

Wilderness Resort

2. Rick Wilcox Magic Theater

Rick Wilcox Magic Theater has operated for 20+ years, thrilling visitors with performances from married magicians Rick and Susan Wilcox. With a healthy dose of illusion, comedy, and entertainment, this magic show is a must-see for anyone coming to the Dells.

The Wilcoxes routinely update their show and illusions, so you can always expect something different. You can sit back and enjoy one-and-a-half hours of pure magic fun! Buy the tickets online and do it ahead of time because if you come during the busy season, they might just run out. 

They typically have shows every weekend and some days of the week. It’s a great place for a couple’s night out or for taking your kids.

Rick Wilcox Magic Theater

3. Wisconsin Deer Park

The Wisconsin Deer Park houses a fantastic collection of white-tailed deer common across Wisconsin. These gentle creatures interact with visitors at the park and welcome attempts to pet them or stroke their fur.

The family-owned park itself has 40+ miles of land open to anyone who wants to explore. You can even find elk, goats, bison, and other species that call this park their home. Tickets are reasonably priced at $16 for adults and $12 for children.

You can visit the Wisconsin Deer Park throughout the year, as it stays open even on holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day. If you have kids, be sure to visit in the early summer since you might be lucky and catch sight of the baby fawns.

Wisconsin Deer Park

4. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is renowned for housing an incredible collection of oddities from around the world. At this Downtown Wisconsin Dells location, you can see strange artifacts, experience mind-bending illusions, and hear exciting but unbelievable stories.

Part of the magic of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not comes from its interactive nature. You can embark on a magical quest through the twisting tunnels of King Tut’s temple, racing to avoid the late Pharaoh’s curse. You can also learn about the world’s tallest and shortest man. Visitors can also treasure-hunt here and you never know what you might find! Then there is also the famous two-headed sheep.

If you ever watched Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Tv show, you’ll want to take a tour of this place to evoke some nostalgia. It was one of the most entertaining things we did in Wisconsin Dells and although it was $30 to enter, it was worth it.

Wisconsin Dells Ripleys

5. The Tommy Bartlett Exploratory

Originally founded in 1982, the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory is a top destination for science-loving kids and families. Here, you can see the original Russian MIR space module, lift a 5000-pound car, cycle on a high wire, and do other exciting activities.

In its previous iteration as Tommy Bartlett’s Robot World, the Wisconsin Dells attraction displayed robots from the 80s era. Today, it focuses more on space travel and other areas of science, with over 175 science exhibits for visitors to explore! Prices start at $16 for adults and $13 for children.

There is something for everyone to explore, from simple puzzles to futuristic machines. If you’re curious about the wonders of science or space, it’s the perfect place to visit and offers a remarkable family-friendly experience.

Tommy Barlett Exploratory

6. Cave of the Mounds

Cave of the Mounds is a natural limestone cave that’s been open to the public since 1940. A popular tourist destination near the Wisconsin Dells area, Cave of the Mounds in Dane County is great for those with a curious mind and families.

The tour includes stops at various cave parts, including spaces with oolites and other rocks. You’ll have trained guides providing information on the cave’s history and the various objects found here. They can also point out any small fossils located in the cave. Kami brought me here for my birthday surprise and it’s one of the most memorable places I’ve visited.

The cave itself is full of natural wonders. From helictites and oolites to stalactites, there’s more than enough to catch your attention. If you want one of these rocks as a keepsake, the gift shop at the end of the tour sells a collection of them.

You can bask in the colorful lighting as you explore the rest of the cave. These aesthetic lightings are a recent feature and are installed to give visitors a colorful experience. Outside of the cave, you can find picnic areas and hiking trails as well as a garden. We roamed around quite a bit after our tour was over.

Cave of the Mounds

7. Original Wisconsin Ducks Boat Tours

The Duck Boat Tours have been running since 1946 and provide one-of-a-kind opportunities to explore the Dells. You go through rugged plains, cruise through the Wisconsin River, and float on sand bars while enjoying scenic views of the city.

The Duck boat they use is a special vehicle developed in WW2 to transport supplies from the shore to campsites. While most duck boat operators have stopped operations, the Wisconsin Dells Duck Boat Tours have been operating for years, making it a unique activity hard to find elsewhere in Wisconsin or the Midwest for that matter.

The tours only run from March to November due to the weather and water conditions. If you visit the Dells during these months, make sure to buy your tickets. Children under 3 are free, $18 for those 4-11, and for everyone else it’s $36.

8. Devil’s Lake State Park

Devil’s Lake State Park is Wisconsin’s most visited park due to its two beach ends and hiking trails that offer scenic views of the lake. Since it opened its doors in 1911, Devil’s Lake State Park has been a major attraction being only 25 minutes away from Wisconsin Dells.

There are beginner-friendly walking trails as well as more challenging hiking trails. You can get a beautiful view of the lake at the top. Devils Lake alone makes Wisconsin one of the top Midwest vacation spots

There are also campsites for tent camping or car camping with friends and family. But you will need to reserve months in ahead since they get filled up fast. We’ve tried booking overnight camping and haven’t been able to find a spot for around a year now. Compared to other parks in Wisconsin, it offers stunning scenery and natural landscapes that are hard to match.

The surrounding lake is great for kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and even scuba diving! The park has a parking area and picnic tables as well as small paddle boat rentals. It’s a perfect place to visit during the summer, and it gets very crowded during the summer holidays. We visit the park every 4th of July and always arrive early (at least 7 am) otherwise, all the picnic tables and parking spaces are gone.

Devils Lake State Park

9. The Christmas Mountain Village

Christmas Mountain Village is the best place to work on your swing and enjoy yourself. This attraction offers a 27-hole golf course, a mini golf course, a sports bar, amongst other facilities. 

Staying at Christmas Mountain Village is easy, with plenty of options for accommodation. There are sufficient townhouses, villas, cottages, and cabins that are located nearby. There’s also a campground if you want to test your outdoor survival skills and try camping. You can go kayaking or fishing on their onsite lake.

Just like in Milwaukee, there are plenty of things to do in Wisconsin Dells in the winter. The Christmas Mountain Village is a hub for winter sports enthusiasts. There are opportunities for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snow tubing, and sledding. If you’re a complete beginner and want to get some ski lessons, sign up for a class with them.

Christmas Mountain Village

10. H.H. Bennett Studio

H.H. Bennett was a renowned landscape photographer with Canadian roots. Today, his old studio is owned by the Wisconsin Historical Society and is featured on the National Register of Historic Places.

You can visit his oldest studio in America to look at some of Bennett’s old pictures and the equipment he used. There’s even an opportunity for visitors to have an image taken and processed with wet-plate technology!

H.H. Bennett was instrumental in driving Wisconsin’s tourism efforts with his stunning landscape pictures. Now, you can see what the images look like if they moved in the 3D Imaging section.

Old H.H. Bennett’s studio is the oldest business in the Wisconsin Dells. A visit here is an excellent way to experience 19th-century Wisconsin and immerse in the nostalgia of the past. Admissions are $12 and $5 for children.

11. Wisconsin Dells Boat Tour

Guided boat tours are the best way to explore the famous Wisconsin River. The Dells are a collection of cliff-walled gorges and other interesting rock formations formed millions of years ago which you can see from the river. 

You can choose between a tour of the lower Dells or upper Dells. While some might find the upper part more exciting, you can confirm this by taking the tour.

The Upper Dells tour includes a stop at the Witches Gulch, which is a slot-shaped canyon and a popular place to see. You can explore the gorge’s outcrops, hike through the area, or walk through the trail.

The nightlife at the Wisconsin Dells is as good as any. If you’re planning a romantic getaway, sign up for a sunset cruise to enjoy fancy dinners, musical entertainment, and downriver boat rides. For something more thrilling, sign up for their jet boat adventure which lasts 50 minutes.

Wisconsin Dells Boat Tours

12. The Palace Theater

The Palace Theater offers a mix of classic and modern Broadway shows, musicals, comedy shows, and other family-friendly entertainment. Plus, you get to enjoy it while fine dining throughout the night. There is a good reason why it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wisconsin Dells.

The theater shows hit Disney musicals like Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland. You can also catch other popular shows like Legally Blonde throughout the year.

Palace Theater is located at the heart of Wisconsin Dells and is easily accessible from any part of town. There are group packages available.

Palace Theater

13. Big Sky Drive-In Theater

Drive-in theaters aren’t as popular as they once were with less than 300 left in the USA. Big Sky Drive-In Theater is a must-see if you want to experience what it feels like to sit in your vehicle while enjoying a good movie. This Wisconsin location is open from May to the end of fall. 

As one of the few drive-in theaters in Wisconsin, Big Sky offers an unforgettable experience for guests. The theater shows the latest blockbuster movies through a pair of gigantic screens.

Big Sky Theater is open on holidays, making it a good place to hang out with family and friends. You don’t have to pack food for your outing since the shop has amazing food offerings, including the famous Mamaburger.

They only accept cash, so bring some handy. Fortunately, it’s quite reasonably priced at $10 per person. You can hear the movie from your car’s radio.

Big Sky Theather

14. Lost Canyon Tours

Wisconsin’s deepest and largest canyon, the Lost Canyon in Lake Delton, offers quite a memorable experience. While the canyon is difficult to explore on your own, the Lost Canyon Tour has interactive guides to take you through the location.

Each tour puts visitors in a horse-pulled carriage to explore the area. You can see everything the canyon has to offer with sandstone bluffs and other natural attractions.

I recommend you talk to the guides during the 30-minute tour to learn about the history of the Lost Canyon and Wisconsin Dells. Make sure to buy a souvenir at the gift shop before your trip starts to keep it as a memory.

They offer tours all seven days, and each tour starts from the shores of Lake Delton and runs through the canyon before taking you back out.

Lost Canyon Tours

15. Knucklehead Trampoline and Indoor Amusement Park

If you’re visiting with kids, the Knucklehead Trampoline and Indoor Amusement Park is one of the most fun attractions for young ones. This top-rated location has everything a family (and adults) need for an exciting experience.

They offer thrilling activities for all ages like rock climbing, bowling, go-karts, and dodgeball games. There’s also a ropes course, plenty of VR games, and different trampoline sections.

If you want to experience Wisconsin Dells along with your kids or even without them, Knucklehead Park is a good place to visit. Before leaving, you can always refuel at the bar with food and drinks.

Knuckleheads Trampoline Park

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