Halloween Travel Survey 2021 – How People Plan On Traveling For Halloween

Halloween offers festivities for people of all ages to partake in. With all sorts of Halloween attractions over the place, people tend to travel around for haunted places, Halloween parties, or to simply visit friends and family. We conducted this Halloween travel survey to see what people planned on doing for the holiday and how they planned to travel. 

With fall arriving and summer officially over, we also wanted to find out if people still feel the same way or better about traveling. We asked why they planned on traveling for Halloween, if they felt safer traveling right now and how much of a concern it was. Here is the complete data and answers that were collected:

Do You Plan On Traveling For Halloween? If So, How?

q1 traveling for halloween


  • Yes, by car - 43.57%
  • Yes, by plane - 5.36%
  • Yes, by public transport - 4.64%
  • No. - 46.43%

Takeaway: Over 53% of Americans plan on traveling for Halloween. According to the United States Census, there are 258 million adults in the United States. Based on that, we can estimate that around 138 million plan to travel for Halloween in some form. Unlike other Holidays like July 4th or Christmas, travel will more than likely be restricted to the nearby areas as most people intend to travel by car. 

What's The Main Reason You're Traveling For Halloween?

q2 main reason youre traveling


  • Visiting Scary Places and Attractions - 28.57%
  • Attending Halloween Parties - 18.57%
  • Visiting Family/Friends - 42.50%
  • Cheaper Time To Vacation Than Other Holidays  - 10.36%

Takeaway: Almost half of adults plan to travel during Halloween mainly to visit friends and family. On the other hand, around a quarter of adults in the U.S will be spending time visiting scary attractions. Around 1/10 simply find Halloween a cheaper time to vacation when compared to other more expensive holidays like Thanksgiving or the 4th of July. 

How Much Are You Spending?

q3 how much you spending


  • $500 or less - 81.07%
  • $501 - $1000 - 9.64%
  • $1001 - $1500 - 5.36%
  • $1501 - $2000 - 1.07%
  • $2001 or more - 2.86%

Takeaway: 80% of adults plan to spend $500 or less for Halloween. It’s not surprising considering the majority of people are traveling by car and mainly visiting friends and family. Only 19% of the adult population plans to spend more than $500. A 3.86% is spending at least $1500 or more, which can be attributed to those that feel taking a vacation during this time is better. 

Do You Feel Safer Traveling In The Fall Than Summer? If so, why?

q4 do you feel safer traveling


  • Yes, fewer tourists to worry about. - 26.79%
  • Yes, more people are vaccinated. - 20.00%
  • No, I just prefer it because there are less restrictions. - 12.14%
  • No. - 41.07%

Takeaway: Half of adults do not feel any safer traveling during the fall than the summer. A 41.07% of people felt no difference in safety between the seasons, and 12% said they only prefer it due to traveling with fewer restrictions than in the summer. Of the 46.79% that feel safer, one in four adults believes it’s safer due to fewer tourists. One in five adults believes it’s safer to travel due to more people being vaccinated. 

How Concerned Are You When Traveling For Halloween?

q5 feel about situation


  • Not Concerned At All - 28.56%
  • Slightly Concerned - 34.64%
  • Highly Concerned - 36.79%

Takeaway: More than 71.43% have some concerns traveling during Halloween. This would account for around 184 million adults. Around one in four adults (28.56%) don’t feel too worried about traveling, which would account for 73 million people. 

Survey Methodology 

This Halloween Travel Survey was conducted by Survey Monkey for us. There were over 280 people in the United States surveyed between the ages of 18 - 70. From these people surveyed, 29.64% were between 18-29, 25% were between 30-44, 30.71% were between 45-60, and 14.64% were older than 60 years. Of all the participants, 49% were male, and 51% were female. For Survey Monkey’s exact methodology, click here