South Beach Vs Mid-Beach Vs North Beach: Which Miami Beach Is Better?

Going to Miami? Make sure you choose the right Miami beach! While all three beaches are similar to one another, there are some notable differences that distinguish each beach. Depending on who you are and what you’re looking for, one beach might be better for you than the other. Here is our ultimate guide on Miami’s three famous beaches: South Beach, Mid-Beach, and North Beach. 

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South Beach, Miami

South Beach is a 2.2-mile stretch of white sand that includes the neighborhoods of West Avenue, Lincoln Road, Sunset Harbour, Collins Park, the Art Deco District, Belle Isle, and South-of-Fifth.

The busiest part runs across the way from Ocean Drive, so if you're looking for a quieter spot, you're best of hanging around the parts south of Fifth. You'll find far less development in this area — and also fewer shadows from the pesky sky-rise buildings spoiling your tan.

What Is South Beach Known For?


South Beach is known for its urbanism. There is a ton of things to do, a constant multitude of people looking for a party, and a bunch of fast exotic cars. Although, it's worth mentioning that traffic here is awful. You're much better off leaving the car at home and walking if you’re within short distance.

It’s the most tourist-filled area of Miami Beach thanks to its consistent summery vibe, bountiful hotel beach clubs, and plenty of retail outlets and restaurants along Ocean Drive. Of course, you'll have to be prepared to pay the somewhat excessive tourist prices.

Why Should You Go to South Beach?

If you love the feeling of being in the center of the party and don't mind a crowded beach, you can't go wrong with a trip to South Beach. You may not get any peace and quiet, but you will certainly be able to shop 'till you drop, get that all-important tan, and probably make a bunch of new friends who all dig the atmosphere. Highly recommend checking out any of the restaurants along Ocean Drive if you're up for some food after the beach.

Where To Stay in South Beach

Since South Beach receives more tourists than the other two, it also has the most accommodation options. While finding an Airbnb can be pretty difficult, you can always stay in beautiful hotels like the Moxi Miami, a four-star hotel with many deluxe rooms. The South Bleach Plaza Hotel (where we stayed) is a more budget-friendly option in a similar convenient location. Both of these two options are within walking distance from the beach.

How Is South Beach Different From Mid and North Beach?

While the water is the same, you will undoubtedly feel different in South Beach. It has the best opportunities for young adults thanks to urbanism and the sheer number of people milling around looking for fun. In other words, it's undoubtedly a party town, whereas the Mid Beach and North Beach aren't so much.

Alongside this, South Beach certainly has a wider choice of restaurants and nightclubs. It's the perfect place to stay close by to when planning a 3-day Miami trip or longer. 

Mid Beach, Miami


Mid Beach’s area includes the Collins Waterfront, Allison Island, west residential areas, and Morris Lapidus (historic district). A single boardwalk, raised on wooden stilts, separates the gorgeous sand from the hotel-filled Collins Avenue situated between 46th and 23rd Street.

This Miami beach houses the most famous — and, of course, stylish — in Miami, including the Faena Hotel Miami Beach and the Soho Beach House. 

What Is Mid Beach Known For?

Mid Beach is known for its chill yet still slightly party-ish vibe. The area specializes in hotel beach clubs that contain a lounge atmosphere that goes long into the night.

Its somewhat limited attractions cater to those who love a quieter drink and find where the fashion trends are going. You may well recognize some spots from people's Instagram pictures. After all, you can't go to Mid Beach without recognizing its flair for the trendy.

Why Should You Go to Mid Beach?

For those of you who want a vibrant yet non-crowded, less rowdy beach vacay, Mid Beach is the one for you. The famous hotels and sand-side lounges will keep you entertained from day to night without having to risk the raucous South Beach.

If you're looking for somewhere to stay, the Miami Beach Edition is your best option for a taste of the good life. It's a reinvention of the traditional Havana 1955 Seville Hotel. You're bound to love it. It's still has the same crystal clear water and white sand that South Beach has but with fewer crowds.

Where To Stay In Mid Beach?

The Hampton Inn Miami Beach is a great place to stay in terms of costs and quality. You can get reasonable prices for a high-quality experience if you book in advance. You also get a complimentary breakfast every morning, which can have quite an impact on your savings. We stayed there for a week, and we found it well worth its price. If you’re looking for a more luxurious option, you can’t go wrong with the Nobu Hotel Miami Beach. It’s a 5-star hotel located along the waterfront. It’s classy and contains everything you would want like a restaurant, bar, spa facilities, and much more. Plus, a gorgeous outdoor pool and indoor pool. 

How Is Mid Beach Different From South and North Beach?

Mid Beach is trendier than the others. With a limited supply of shops within walking distance and only the best of the best hotels, it focuses on providing for the elite.

The boardwalk is also incredibly picturesque and lush (something that is unique to Mid Beach). Not to mention that it promotes a chill vibe that Millenials will adore. 

North Beach, Miami

north beach miami

The North Beach area includes the following neighborhoods North Shore, Altos del Mar, Biscayne Point, Normandie Isles, and others. 

It’s by far, the least tourist-packed part of Miami Beach. Generally speaking, the further north you travel, the less expensive eating, shopping, and housing becomes. However, that does not mean to say that North Beach doesn't have a lot to offer.

This zone has a wide variety of residential apartments, a golf course and small family homes for people to make their nest somewhere extremely picturesque but affordable. In fact, it's the only residential area where you can buy a house for your family right on the ocean. There is also North Shore Park closeby making it a great option for kids.

What Is North Beach Known For?

North Beach is primarily known for its local customization. Instead of tailoring to the tourists, the shops and restaurants are made for the locals. It’s greatly removed from the hustle and bustle of South Beach and provides a small-town feel. 

Why Should You Go to North Beach?

If you’re looking for a pleasant and calm atmosphere, away from the loud street life of the beaches down South, North Beach is for you. There are plenty of cafes and shops on the sidewalk to satisfy your retail therapy craving.

Where To Stay In North Beach?

While North Beach doesn’t have as many housing options as the other two since it’s more residential, you can still find places. The New Hotel BBG is only a couple of walking minutes from the ocean and hosts restaurants on its premises. There is also an outdoor pool for you to enjoy. On the other hand, The Park Royal offers several comfy suites with an on-site outdoor pool. The furnishings in the rooms are all up to date. 

How Is North Beach Different From Mid and South Beach?

The overall vibe is less party, and more relaxing. It's the go-to area for a long, tranquil sunbathing session and a bite to eat at a local coffee shop. Plus, if you plan to bed down for the night here, you won't have to put up with constant noise that sometimes goes on until 5 am!

The Bottom Line

With Biscayne Bay to it's west and the Atlantic ocean to it's east, the city of Miami Beach is situated in a fantastic place with a lot to do. Whichever Miami beach you choose, you're undoubtedly going to have an unforgettable experience! The best part is that you can realistically visit all three on your trip here. The distance from South Beach to Mid-Beach is only about a $10-$15 dollar Uber ride depending on what time you visit. Similarly, Mid-Beach to North beach is about the same cost. While you probably can't do all three Miami beach's on the same day, if you're staying for a couple of days it's worthwhile to do all three!