5 Best Websites For Cheap Student Flights & Student Discounts

Are you a student and want to see the world on a small travel budget? You can get substantial student discounts on your plane tickets, especially if you book them ahead of time. Apart from airfares, you can also find discounts with regards to hotels and even rentals.

If you're tired of virtual experiences and want to travel during winter break, spring break, or over the summer — it’s worth using your current position as a student to save a lot of money. Here are some of the best sites for finding special student travel fares and other promos that will slash your costs and reduce a dent in your travel budget.

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Top 5 Websites For Student Discounts & Cheap Flights


With StudentUniverse, you can get large discounts on flights and all sorts of travel costs like hotels, tour packages, and car rentals.

StudentUniverse has partnerships with over 90 airlines and hotels all around the world. These aren’t just those dingy hostels where you share a room with a dozen other strangers either, but safe and decent places that are near public transportation.

It has a user-friendly website where you can just type in your city or airport, dates you plan to travel, and the number of people in the group. After that, it gives you a list of all the available flights so you can pick the one that works for you.

Click on the other tabs, and you can search tours for each city and compare the prices of different car rentals. They also have a Group Travel link if you’re booking for a large group like a club trip, team trip, or class field trip. You get group discounts but can also use their payment tool so people can pay for their own seats.  

If you get a membership (which is free), it will also send you alerts of ticket sales, as well as voucher codes and special offers.


CheapTickets is organized to make travel not just cheaper but easier. Right on the page, you’ll find a booking tool, the most popular student destinations, and—our favorite section—the biggest student promos for the season.

For example, just a few weeks before fall break, it had a section on all the hotels that were offering 20% student discounts and vacation rentals you can share with friends. It also had a voucher to get 18% off on partner airlines and hotels booked within that period.  

The search fields also allow you to book not just single or round trip flights but multi-city flights. Unfortunately, you can’t use it to plan your Europe or Asia tour—the site focuses mainly on travel in the United States.

United Airlines

United Airlines offers discounted flights for anyone aged 18 to 22 years old. Luckily most college students tend to fall within this age group. You just have to download the United App, sign up for a Mileage Plus account, and provide a government-issued ID that shows your age.

When you want to book your flight, select the “Discounted Travel” button and automatically get 5% off your ticket price. It's a great option for college students on a budget looking to explore a tropical paradise.

It’s a significant discount, but there’s a catch: the discount is part of a promo, so you have to check if it’s still running. And obviously, you have to use United, and can’t compare airfares like you can with other travel websites.


CheapAir is one of the biggest online airplane ticket booking sites. You can choose from 600 airlines and find packages that include both the flight and hotel. Both can be searched just by filling in the fields with all your travel information.

It has up-to-date travel guidelines and lets you check the flight status in just a few clicks. You can also download their app to quickly search for travel deals.

To get a student discount, you need to register on their “Student Beans” page travel discount, then just verify yourself. It occasionally runs promos and gives out additional voucher codes, but unlike other websites, it doesn’t have a special section just for student-friendly flight prices.


SmartFares is a travel reservation company that specializes in helping you find the lowest fares. You can book flights to any part of the world: North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia.

You can get discounts and special deals. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find and compare promos on the website. You have to call their 24/7 customer service, where travel agents will help you plan your trip.

This works if you prefer talking to someone—sort of like your online travel agent, who can quickly search up the specific information you need. However, you need to have a specific idea of where and when you want to travel.

If your plans are still vague or you’re looking at several options, then do your research on another site. Once you finalize your itinerary and see the general rates, call SmartFares to find cheaper alternatives.

For an option that's open to everyone, dollar flight club sends alerts for cheap flights. The only downside is that it's only for certain dates so you can't always choose the dates for the flights. But if you like spontaneous plans, it's a good option.