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Ziplining In St. Thomas: Tree Limin Extreme Review

Tree Limin Extreme is the only company that runs ziplining tours in St. Thomas, USVI. You can find them high up in the rainforest of St. Peter Mountain in the northern part of Saint Thomas.

We wanted to do some fun excursions on our vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and this unique ziplining tour by Tree Limin Extreme was one of the best ones we found, so we decided to give it a try. It was my first time ziplining here, but Martin had done it on a past trip, so this was his second time.

Martin Ziplining at Tree Limin Extreme in St. Thomas

We recommend taking a taxi to their property because you need to drive up big bumpy hills to get to the location. A taxi driver won’t have an issue with it, but if you’re new to the islands it might be a bit challenging. 

We stayed at the Bunker Hill Hotel near downtown Charlotte Amalie, and it took us around 10 minutes to get to Tree Limin Extreme. Zipling has always been something of an interest in our travels because it’s a great way to see the outdoors, and we love adventures. 

You can see different landscape views and try different zipline courses. St. Thomas is a wonderful place for ziplining since it offers sights of the mountains, mansions, sailboats in the distance, and the beautiful blue Caribbean Ocean. 

What To Wear For Ziplining

They recommend you wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing that isn’t baggy so it doesn’t get stuck to the harness. My husband and I wore sporty clothes like tank tops and shorts with tennis shoes. 

When you arrive, they take your sizes for the gear which includes a helmet, harness, and lanyards. We brought our personal GoPro, and I highly recommend bringing one to get videos of your memories. You can also rent a GoPro from them for an added cost. The helmets have a space for travelers to attach their GoPro to. Fortunately, our GoPro is small, easy to handle, and has a wrist strap attached to it in case it were to fall. 

They offer several colored bandanas for sale too if you want to buy one since your head can sometimes get sweaty in the helmet. 

Martin at the zipline

Booking The Zipline Tour

We recommend you make reservations ahead of time since they can be pretty busy as it’s one of the few places to zipline in the U.S. Virgin Islands. My husband and I booked our reservations a week in advance through Viator (link to reserve).

There are different time slots for the morning and early afternoon you can sign up for. We chose the 10:00 am slot but keep in mind that you have to be there at least 30 minutes prior to your reservation time for preparation.

Their safety requirements require you to be between 70-275 lbs and no taller than 6’6’’ feet. There are no refunds if you arrive late to your reservation, so plan adequately. The zipline course lasts about 3 hours long.

Tree Limin Extreme Zipline Tour

Upon arrival, we had to check in and sign a few waivers, which is expected when you’re going on this kind of excursion. After we got and put on our gear with their help, we had to wait for other parties to show up. 

The total amount of people in our reservation slot was surprisingly just 3 people including us. Our two tour guides said that they are typically booked for up to 20 people at a time. Fortunately for us, having few people in the group made things more relaxed and faster because we didn’t have to rush through each course and I felt that we got one on one attention during the three-hour ziplining session.  

Zipline view at Tree Limin Extreme

Before starting the course, the tour guides took us to a training obstacle course area. They went over safety guidelines and rules to follow and how to zipline in case you’ve never done it before moving on to the real course. 

We then hopped onto a Swiss army truck that took us up a rocky hill to St. Peters mountain. The guides had a lot of knowledge about the U.S. Virgin Islands and information about ziplining itself. 

Magens Bay View

After the first few ziplines, you can see a spectacular view of Magen’s Bay. Magen’s Bay is one of the most popular tourist attractions in St. Thomas and one of the most romantic beaches in the world. 

While ziplining, you can also see some of the small wildlife below on the property grounds. After each zipline, there are signs with facts about the different landscapes and wildlife of the U.S. Virgin Islands on wooden frames along the platform. 

For the last course, you can choose if you want to do it or not. It’s basically a giant swing that rocks back and forth. To get to it, you have to go up a set of bleachers and after that, you get hooked up to the harness. Then, you are raised up into the air until the cables release and you go back and forth like a swing. 

I would definitely recommend Tree Limin Extreme to families with children, as it’s very family-friendly. The staff are very nice and helpful. Our guides were patient with us throughout the entire course and made the experience more enjoyable.

Kami zipline hand

As you walk back to the main building where the lockers and gear are located, you can find the tip box in the back of the building against the wall. Tips are highly encouraged.

Make sure you call for a taxi service ahead of time once the tour ends. We called our taxi right after going on the giant swing. Since the area is pretty far out and not many cabs roam around this part, it can take a while for one to get there.

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